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The Attribution Confusion


TRIBBUTE helps optimize digital marketing investments through tailored GA4 attribution solutions, ensuring transparency and effectiveness in customer acquisition.


From Click To Crook - Safeguarding


Learn how to protect your eCommerce brand from rising threats of fraud and duplication, safeguarding your business and customers through proactive measures and strategic actions recommended by TRIBBUTE's experts.


Duds to Diamonds


Discover how TRIBBUTE's expert strategies can maximize lead quality, from audience segmentation to effective communication, ensuring tangible value and growth for your business's customer acquisition efforts.


Tango Unlimited


Discover how TRIBBUTE's TANGO UNLIMITED strategy simplifies budget allocation, ensuring optimal returns on digital media investments for client partners, and learn how one business achieved a remarkable 7x revenue increase with this approach.


2024 New Beginnings

Founders' Corner

Celebrating 2023 achievements and gearing up for 2024 with exciting new offerings, including web applications, to elevate partner experiences.


Skip to New Markets


SkipTheDishes didn’t get its start in Silicon Valley, Montreal, or Toronto. No, the online food delivery platform got off the ground in Winnipeg, and now it’s a highly successful food delivery player in Canada and the U.S Midwest.


TRIBBUTE Makes it on Clutch’s Game-Changer Ranks


Search engine optimization is perhaps one of the most important investments any business can make in this digital era. Not only does it help boost online visibility, but it also helps brands position themselves even in saturated markets.


Holiday Season 2023


TRIBBUTE's AI solutions help businesses maximize holiday sales by adapting to early consumer engagement trends and extending promotions post-Cyber 5, leveraging insights from 2022.


2024 - New Beginnings

Resources / Founders' Corner

Dear Partners & Friends,

Now that all the numbers are in and we’re closing the books on 2023, we’d like to follow up on our December message and share some TRIBBUTE goals for the new year.

Helping our client partners realize value is TRIBBUTE’s top priority. To that end, in 2023 we expanded our services, delivering greater marketing intelligence and value-actions to our client portfolio via expanded-channel, integrated campaigns, consulting initiatives, and investments. 

This commitment to value creation was reflected in measurable, year-over-year increases, including the following:

  • 20% increase in client engagements
  • 50% increase in revenue for all e-commerce clients combined
  • 70% increase in media spend under management including campaigns focused on awareness, lead generation and e-commerce sales
  • Over 80% client partner retention

Additionally, we are pleased to announce that TRIBBUTE met our goal to increase charitable gifts to recipients supporting health, wellness, and opportunity for people (and animals) in Manitoba, BC, Southern California, and Nebraska. In 2023, these gifts totaled over 10% of TRIBBUTE’S net earnings. We look forward to expanding these contributions in the coming year.

Looking ahead to 2024, we're excited to share that TRIBBUTE will be introducing more new products and services to the market!  

For the first time, these new offerings will include web applications in addition to more structured, easy-to-implement marketing intelligence and customer-acquisition services. We are confident these initiatives will elevate the TRIBBUTE experience while continuing to reflect our commitment to our client partners’ growth and value realization.

Thank you again for being integral to our 2023 journey. As we enter the new year, our dedication to helping our Partners realize value is stronger than ever.

With warmest regards,

Jason & Kelly


Holiday Season Insights 2023

Resources / Insights

2023 Holiday Season Insights

With the Holiday Season fast approaching, shoppers are getting ready to chase deals to get great value for the money spent. Traditionally deal seeking was associated with the peak deal period from Black Friday to Cyber Monday (BFCM) or Cyber 5. A trend in consumer behaviour indicates shoppers are starting to make purchases earlier in the season, purchasing more, and extending their shopping window well beyond Cyber 5. 

Consumer behaviour Insights reveal it’s now become an ‘always-on mindset’ for consumers from October through December. With ad platforms and our own AI-powered solutions, TRIBBUTE can bring more predictability to your Holiday Season Planning!

What we  learned from 2022

Source: Google Internal Data, MasterCard Spending Pulse 2022, Mastercard Spending Pulse 2023

Consumer Insights from 2022 and what they mean for businesses

  • Deal seekers today are far savvier than ever before. They are engaged with your brand throughout the year and use tools and platforms like Google Search and YouTube to plan, research, and take the plunge when the offer is right. some text
    • This means businesses have a longer opportunity to connect with deal seekers than ever before. Consider starting promotions early and ending late to maximize this window of opportunity!
  • “Deal-seeking” is NOT  impulsive. Research shows that only 26% of holiday purchasers could be categorized as impulsive during the week of Cyber 5 in 2022.  Additionally, 50% of shoppers were still shopping in Dec, and post-Dec 25 was as active as the weeks before and after Cyber 5! some text
    • Stand out to deal seekers and target that ‘determined shopping mindset’ - (shoppers with a lot to do, in very little time). TRIBBUTE can experiment with Performance Max Campaigns to improve the predictability of consumer behaviour. AI-powered solutions such as Broad Match Search and Video Action Campaigns
  • Every shopper is an omni shopper. Omni-channel shoppers are 2x more valuable than single-channel shoppers. some text
    • Talk to us about experimenting with that omnichannel traffic and how you can optimize online and in-store sales through local product inventory ads. 
  • A fair percentage of shoppers are open and undecided and will switch to an ever-present and communicating brand. some text
    • Experiment with AI-powered tools like the fresh out of Beta Demand Gen campaign to reach those undecided shoppers in their discovery phase. 

Source: 1. Google/Ipsos, Holiday Shopping Study online survey, Canadians 18+, n=309, Oct 2022-Jan 2023 2. Google/BCG, Holiday Spending Analysis, Analysis of US Mastercard Credit Card Data 2022 3. Google/Ipsos, Holiday Shopping Study, online survey, Americans 18+ who conducted holiday shopping activities in past two days, n=8,467. Oct. 2022–Jan. 2023. 4. Harvard Business Review, 2021, Google trends, Global English, Mar-Apr, 2022 vs. Jan-Feb, 2020 5.Google/Talk Shoppe, Canada, whyVideo 2022 study, n=2,000 A18-64 GenPop video users 6. Google commissioned Canada research conducted by The Behavioural Architects and Savanta; 2022; Based on 120,000 conjoint Search simulations. Data shown here is for the outerwear category. Similar results across 15 categories.

As always, we love to hear your thoughts, questions, and insights.

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GA4 Attribution Confusion

Resources / Insights

The Attribution Confusion

Understanding the efficacy of your digital channels is crucial to ensuring your marketing budget is best allocated to maximize return on investment. Accurate attribution allows you to comprehend which marketing channels are fueling your value creation. Through GA4 attribution you can track customer journeys, collect relevant data, and use that data to make informed decisions. GA4 Attribution provides a comprehensive framework for understanding and optimizing your marketing channel investment to help you make well-informed business and marketing decisions.

Navigating Through the Attribution Confusion

In recent months, you—our valued client partners—have expressed challenges encountered in choosing a suitable attribution model within GA4. An attribution model determines which touchpoints (or channels) receive credit for conversions and revenue. Within GA4 there are a few paths you can traverse. Electing an attribution model that mirrors your marketing strategy and customer journey most accurately is pivotal to your marketing and business success.

Our Journey at TRIBBUTE

We understand the intricacies of GA4 Attribution modelling through our experience of working with diverse clients, each with unique attribution requirements. We understand how the different attribution models work and have also successfully implemented attribution models to align with our client partners' expectations and industry standards.  

Tailoring Your Attribution Strategy with TRIBBUTE

 TRIBBUTE can help with:

  • Analyzing and selecting an attribution model that befits your business needs.
  • Conducting a meticulous audit to ascertain the accuracy of your current attribution setup and implement amendments wherever necessary.
  • Determining the most apt attribution model, sometimes via utilization of our proprietary tracking methodology for advanced requirements.

Measuring Success

Each dollar spent in the digital customer acquisition journey should be accountable, transparent, and effective. TRIBBUTE’s goal is to help you with that transparency by providing a holistic view of reporting that aligns with your business and marketing strategies.

As always, we love to hear your thoughts, questions, and insights.

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Rising Threats of eCommerce Fraud

Resources / Insights

How to Protect Your Brand?

Off late there has been a growing concern with eCommerce businesses with an alarming rise in the number of duplicate and fraudulent websites. These websites maliciously scrape the product and brand content of eCommerce websites and create mirror-like sites that are deceptively similar in appearance. By doing so, they create an illusion of legitimacy, either by posing as an imposter or by offering the same products at an unbelievably discounted price. Their sole purpose is to trick unsuspecting customers into completing online orders, leaving them empty-handed. Worse, the credit card information used during these transactions is often exploited for further fraudulent activities.

Most of these fraudulent websites are located overseas, making it arduous for an eCommerce business to take effective action against them and remove them swiftly from the internet. The legal complexities and jurisdictional challenges that arise from dealing with such international entities exacerbate the situation, leaving many vulnerable to continued exploitation.

Some imposters also manage to gain organic rankings in Google search results. This means that when customers search for the legitimate brand of the company on the platform, they are inadvertently presented with these fraudulent websites. This severely damages the brand reputation, causes unnecessary disruption for eCommerce businesses, and increases the likelihood of innocent customers falling prey to these scams.

Here are some proactive measures that make it difficult for duplication and fraud to occur, that you can take to safeguard your brand and customers.

Proactive Measures to Prevent eCommerce Website Duplication and Fraud

  • Review overseas traffic as it relates to your business and consider blocking any traffic that is not relevant to your eCommerce business. This will make it more difficult for a fraudster to get your site’s content and data.
  • Implement third-party applications on your website that act as barriers to saving the code of your eCommerce website pages, downloading images, and copying content.
  • Watch for the signs of someone scraping your eCommerce site for data such as increased session traffic is the first signal, with the second signal being an increase in overseas traffic.

If your eCommerce website has been duplicated, it may be difficult to have the offending website removed. Even if it’s taken down successfully, we have seen others start to show up on new domains. Some recommended actions to take if you believe that your eCommerce site has been duplicated and is acting as a fraudulent site are as follows:

  • Contact the web host for the fraudulent site with a takedown request.
  • Contact the domain registrar for the fraudulent site with a takedown request.
  • Reach out to TRIBBUTE for an assessment of the fraudulent website and a deeper technical review for other actions. 
  • In some cases, the need to retain a legal resource may be required.

As always, we love to hear your thoughts, questions, and insights.

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Maximize Your Lead Quality

Resources / Insights

Maximize Your Lead Quality

Most businesses utilize leads to initiate sales cycles, making lead conversion a pivotal component in driving eCommerce and service-business growth. While leads are crucial for a business’s expansion and longevity, their calibre determines the effectiveness of sales and marketing initiatives. At TRIBBUTE, our focus lies in helping our partners create value via customer acquisition growth and we believe that tips like what’s below can help you experience tangible value.

Lead Acquisition

  • Audience Definition and Segmentation:  Defining and segmenting your audience is a fundamental step in acquiring high-potential leads. Understanding the traits, behaviours, and challenges of your target demographic and devising tailored marketing campaigns empower you to customize marketing and sales approaches efficiently. By aligning lead generation strategies with a business's audience such as creating look-alike or customer match audiences and using data analytics and customer insights to create targeted marketing campaigns, marketers increase the likelihood of attracting high-quality prospects and turning them into customers. 
  • Segmenting Ad Creative: Segmenting your audience targeting is essential, but the messages each segment receives are equally important for generating high-quality leads. At TRIBBUTE, we use data to optimize ad content tailored to distinct segments. This approach heightens the relevance of messaging, thus increasing your chance to generate high-quality leads.
  • Website and Landing Page Optimization: Crafting persuasive landing pages with the correct value propositions and compelling ‘calls to action’ facilitates lead capture and conversion. TRIBBUTE excels in developing discreet, highly optimized landing pages that refine visitor journeys and providing consulting and guidance to help our client partners develop content and integrated landing pages within their web properties.

Lead Quality and Measurability

  • Maximizing Lead Quality: If you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it! TRIBBUTE utilizes lead scoring, tracking, and other qualification tools that are crucial to maximizing lead conversion. Here are some essential concepts that drive value creation in this area:some text
    • Offline Tracking - A relatively new and extremely powerful enhancement to Google Ads, Offline Tracking allows TRIBBUTE to monitor conversions across all Google Ads marketing campaigns and import conversions tracked on other systems / CRMs into Google Ads. Importing offline conversion events gives you a more comprehensive look at which keywords and targeting criteria (for example, geography or time of day) drive the most cost-effective conversions. This data can help you target and optimize your campaigns for increased profit. As an example for our clients using Salesforce TRIBBUTE imports offline conversions from Salesforce's Sales Cloud into Google Ads to measure how online Google Ads investments generate offline value.
  • eCommerce Call tracking, for our eCommerce client partners, TRIBBUTE establishes value by tracking eCommerce sales made over the phone which allows call sales to be attributed to Google Ads.
  • Feedback and Lead Data Analysis: Continuous improvement is essential for optimizing lead quality over time. Collecting and analyzing lead disposition feedback drives improved lead-generation strategies. TRIBBUTE recommends recording, storing, and analyzing conversion rates, lead-to-opportunity ratios, and customer lifetime value data over the immediate and long term to identify areas that will drive improved results.

Lead Nurturing 

  • Effective Communication: Acquiring a lead is just the beginning of the sales process. The next step is cultivating a relationship with those prospects. Timely and effective engagement, strategic content creation, and consistent and personalized communications with the prospects are paramount in fostering trust and credibility across their buyer's journey. Get in touch with those respondents early and often!

Acquiring leads, enhancing lead quality, and converting leads into customers requires an organized, proactive approach. To learn more, or if you don’t currently attribute the value of your paid media investments across all of your sales platforms and channels, we encourage you to please speak with your Account Manager (insert contact us link) to discuss how TRIBBUTE can create value for your business via improved Lead acquisition and conversion. 

As always, we love to hear your thoughts, questions, and insights.

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Tango Unlimited

Resources / Insights

The Budget Allocation Dance

If you had a machine that produced $5, $10, or more revenue dollars for your business every time you put $1 into it, when would you stop putting dollars in that machine?

Inventory permitting, the typical response we hear is NEVER!

The opportunity to build and measure such a machine is often greatest in Digital media and TRIBBUTE invests in strategies to develop such revenue-generating machines for all its client partners.  

So what does all this have to do with dancing?

Allocating digital media budgets for your campaigns can be challenging. When considering budgets, our client partners often have to address questions like these:

  • What is a good starting budget?
  • How much do I spend on my campaigns?
  • And when do I increase or decrease budgets?

This budget allocation “dance”, while rarely exciting, is essential in any marketing strategy. The risks of overspending without a sufficient return or missing a fleeting opportunity are seemingly endless.

At TRIBBUTE, we are committed to delivering the per-dollar outputs essential for the success of our client-partner campaigns. When sufficiently high enough outputs are achieved to effectively uncap investments, a budget and campaign management solution we call TANGO UNLIMITED* is executed

TANGO UNLIMITED, our tried and proven strategy simplifies the budgeting and allocation processes. With sufficient data, solid attribution, and some hard work, we start the dance!

So, how do you TANGO UNLIMITED?

Getting started is straightforward. TRIBBUTE will:

  • Review your data for attribution quality
  • Complete a profitability analysis to establish your ideal return on ad spend (ROAS)
  • Schedule regular check-ins to ensure we are on track to hit the ROAS, allowing us to tango and adjust for budget or profitability requirements.

Read More about a business that achieved a 7x revenue increase with our TANGO UNLIMITED approach. 

Note: TRIBBUTE did not invent the term TANGO UNLIMITED. A client (who currently runs their TRIBBUTE-managed media investments using this process) shared it with us a long time ago, and we thought it was the perfect name for a status that can bring excitement and value to any campaign.

As always, we love to hear your thoughts, questions, and insights.

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Untapped Market For SkipTheDishes

Resources / News

Researching Search Trends For SkipTheDishes

Sep 2017

Excerpts from an original article written By Google- "Research, reach, and revenue: How 3 Canadians startups grew with digital"

SkipTheDishes didn’t get its start in Silicon Valley, Montreal, or Toronto. No, the online food delivery platform got off the ground in Winnipeg, and now it’s a highly successful food delivery player in Canada and the U.S. Midwest.

How did SkipTheDishes pull that off, especially in the stuffed-to-the-gills food delivery space? By looking at the data.

With the help of its agency Tribbute, the startup monitored search trends to uncover untapped and underserved markets across Canada. Knowing which markets were searching for food delivery the most—at what times and on which days—allowed the company to prioritize high-potential, smaller-market geographies before it rolled out to more populated areas. The startup’s search and display campaigns were targeted to customers who lived within narrow delivery zones, and ads were served at optimal hours throughout the day. Google data and AdWords tools also helped it find new customers and people more likely to convert.

“No charge tools like Google Trends helped us unlock opportunities and find market gaps that were the foundation for our early growth plan.”
These efforts to find high-value customers paid off quickly—and helped the company set itself up for long-term success. The initial campaign drove a 73% increase in web traffic from Adwords between Q1 (January March) and Q2 (April–June). After seeing what worked in the smaller markets, the startup expanded to serve more than 40 new markets in less than four years.

"We had to be scrappy and nimble since day one. No charge tools like Google Trends helped us unlock opportunities and find market gaps that were the foundation for our early growth plan,” said Andrew Chau, co-founder of SkipTheDishes.



Resources / News

TRIBBUTE on Clutch

TRIBBUTE Makes it on Clutch’s Game-Changer Ranks

Dec 2023

Search engine optimization is perhaps one of the most important investments any business can make in this digital era. Not only does it help boost online visibility, but it also helps brands position themselves even in saturated markets. Starting a business without any plans to improve your search engine ranking is a mistake that can cost you many opportunities and even sales.

At TRIBBUTE, we’re dedicated to helping businesses bring more value to their brand through our unique solutions. Founded in 2015, our team is an all-around partner that offers strategic SEO solutions and expert business consulting to help businesses increase sales and lower customer acquisition costs.

Because of the quality of our work, we’ve been able to showcase what we can on for different clients from all walks of life. Our exceptional projects and partnerships helped us secure a spot on Clutch’s rankings for game-changing SEO agencies in Canada.

For a clearer context, Clutch is a Washington DC-based reviews and ratings website that’s known for helping countless potential corporate clients connect with reliable service providers. The platform publishes extensive content encompassing major B2B industries such as business services, information technology, and marketing.

Our rank as a game-changer wouldn’t be possible without the tremendous support of our clients. Their trust is what made TRIBBUTE the company that it is today.

Thank you so much to everyone who stood by us throughout the highs and lows. Next year will mark our ninth anniversary in the industry. We can’t wait to see what opportunities lie ahead for us then.

“TRIBBUTE provides clear and actionable feedback to assist in effectively executing our digital marketing activities. They have a deep skill set that goes far beyond the knowledge base of many other agencies, and they understand how the technology systems and processes work at a base level.”

Director, Furniture Manufacturer

“Their commitment to taking a genuine interest in my business to create value for me in a way that helped me realize my objectives.”

CEO, Parea Consulting Inc.

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