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TRIBBUTE engaged with a startup that revolutionized food delivery

The Company

Our client, a food delivery startup, was looking to establish and grow its customer base significantly to meet investor requirements. With a hard focus on cost per acquisition, in an evolving and highly competitive marketplace, they looked for a solution to scale up growth using paid media.

The Challenge

The growth desired by the startup and the competitive landscape of the food delivery marketplace did not enumerate. A clear challenge presented in lowering acquisition costs. An investment in digital marketing was imperative to gain efficiencies and a competitive advantage.

The Solution

TRIBBUTE partnered with the startup ground up and worked closely with the founders and introduced a strategic plan to geo-target and establish campaign segments to understand the marketplace as a matrix of geo-locations. This proved to be a successful strategy and the client witnessed lower-than-target acquisition costs for the initial engagement. 

As the marketplace for food delivery got even more complex and competitive, with large international based companies moving into local markets, TRIBBUTE developed a complimentary strategy to further segment and optimize campaigns to achieve target acquisition costs efficiently.

delicious burger delivered

The Result

The result was a robust plan that delivered new customers to the client at target acquisition costs and eventually resulted in an outcome that the client desired.

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