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Empowering Seniors

TRIBBUTE's Lead Generation Strategy boosted a medical alert business’ leads by 181%

The Company

A foremost provider of medical alert devices for seniors in Canada. The company has over several years of experience in providing security and peace of mind to seniors with Medical Alert Devices. During this time, the company has also become highly accredited in Canada as a leading provider of Medical Alert Devices.

The Challenge

The client, a small brand in a highly competitive and saturated market, aimed to become the top provider of medical alert devices for seniors in Canada, and overcome increasing CPC and CPA challenges.

The Solution

TRIBBUTE developed a comprehensive lead generation strategy, utilizing various digital marketing techniques. The strategy aimed at increasing leads while maintaining the target CPA to maximize the return on investment (ROI).

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The Result

The impact of TRIBBUTE's lead generation strategy was remarkable. The client experienced a significant increase in leads and traffic to their website. Here are the key metrics that demonstrate the success of the strategy:

  • 181% increase in leads

  • Target CPA maintained despite rising costs

  • 155% increase in paid media traffic acquisition

Thanks to these results, the client rapidly became one of the leading medical alert brands in Canada, despite its size and the tough competitive environment in which it operated. The significant increase in leads, along with maintaining the target CPA despite rising costs, demonstrated the effectiveness of TRIBBUTE's approach. Through strategic digital marketing techniques, TRIBBUTE helped the client achieve remarkable results and establish a strong foothold in the medical alert industry.

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