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Usama Shah

Usama Shah

Senior Operations Manager
As a Senior Operations Manager, Usama's primary focus revolves around ensuring operational excellence and client satisfaction. With a background in accounting and experience in freelance digital marketing, he collaborates closely with the leadership and operations team to align client expectations, goals, and deliverables. Usama's ability to effectively deliver valuable outcomes to all stakeholders simultaneously fosters the growth of internal capabilities and services.

With a diverse professional journey, Usama's experience spans various fields. He initially started in accounting before transitioning to become a freelancer. Currently, he has the privilege of being part of TRIBBUTE, where he serves as a liaison between the leadership team and clients. Over the past four years, Usama's work at TRIBBUTE has involved catering to a wide range of clientele, including small local businesses and multinational corporations. Leveraging various digital marketing channels, Usama and his team consistently deliver exceptional value and achieve tangible results for their clients.

Beyond his professional endeavours, Usama describes himself as a bit of a chameleon, always adapting to different situations. His hobbies and interests are as diverse as the changing seasons. From basketball to 3D printing, binge-watching to reading, cooking to playing video games, photography to mountain biking, Usama is always eager to learn and explore new things. This curiosity and adaptability spill over into his professional life, allowing him to approach challenges with an open mind and find innovative solutions.