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Chitra Paliwal

Chitra Paliwal

Director, Marketing & Business Development
As the Director of Marketing and Business Development at TRIBBUTE, Chitra Paliwal oversees and manages all aspects of marketing, business growth, and client relationships. Chitra works closely with the Operations teams to ensure all internal and external marketing imperatives are delivered timely and efficiently.

With over 10 years of experience in leadership roles in HR, Marketing, and Client Relations across several industry verticals such as financial services, furniture manufacturing, Agribusiness, and nonprofit entities, Chitra brings a wealth of knowledge in business strategy and growth. Prior to working with TRIBBUTE Chitra served as the Director of Sales & Marketing and Customer Relations at a Manitoba Agribusiness and as the Director of HR and Marketing at a nonprofit company in Manitoba where she lead teams to successfully exceed revenue and growth targets and build cultures of collaboration, experimentation and testing, and continuous improvement. Chitra leverages industry and post-secondary institution networks to achieve business growth and offer opportunities for fresh graduates to earn industry experience.

Chitra has an MBA from the Asper School of Business at the University of Manitoba, a Diploma in Human Resources Management, and a Bachelor of Commerce from Delhi University. In her free time, Chitra enjoys volunteering to mentor young graduates and spend time with her family and her pet cat. She enjoys listening to various Podcasts especially those that are related to the field of business, marketing, and health and nutrition.