TRIBBUTE helps clients with data-driven, results-focused client and e-commerce customer acquisition solutions. We have the resources, products, and experience needed to dramatically increase the value generated through all digital media investments.  TRIBBUTE specializes in search, paid media, display, social media, video, email, and user experience optimization.

Let us help deliver the planning and execution you need to make the absolute most of your marketing opportunities.


TRIBBUTE is a digital marketing services and technology firm established in 2016 when Grand Avenue Media in Los Angeles merged with Contatti in Winnipeg. The resulting TRIBBUTE team combines decades of digital marketing experience that includes direct oversight of over a quarter billion dollars of media spend to all our advertising partners’ engagements.

This experience and the resulting TRIBBUTE products and processes are heavily focused on managing data-driven, digital media investments solely focused on measurable, value-creation targets.

TRIBBUTE team members have been key contributors to many successful marketing projects and business outcomes including large equity outcomes for startups and exponential sales and acquisition growth for SMBs and Fortune 300 businesses alike.

Get in touch with us to find out more about how TRIBBUTE and our leadership team have produced value for partners of all sizes across numerous competitive business categories including financial services, e-commerce, consumer/enterprise SaaS, sports marketing, education, and many more.


TRIBBUTE is a Certified Premier Google Partner.  This is the highest classification achievable for a marketing services firm or agency and reflects our deep partnership with Google.

TRIBBUTE clients enjoy the benefits of our Premier Partner status through access to beta programs, specialized resources, and data as well as accelerated responses from Google representatives when technical and product issues or questions arise.

The TRIBBUTE team maintains business and individual product certifications in all offered categories, including Search Advertising, Mobile Advertising, Video Ads, Display Advertising, Shopping, and Google Analytics.


Jason Anderson (Co-Founder, Principal)

Jason joined TRIBBUTE when the Los Angeles marketing firm he started in 2010, Grand Avenue Media, merged its products and accounts with Contatti in 2016. Prior to forming Grand Avenue Media, Jason was Vice President of Operations at search marketing firm Vantage Media where he was the company’s first employee in 2003. As the owner of Vantage Media’s search operations and member of the Executive team, Jason played a key role in the company’s growth, leading to a $70M Series A investment round in 2007, a ranking of 26 on the Inc. 500 and Deloitte and Touche’s naming of Vantage the fastest growing company in Southern California, tenth fastest in the United States.  Jason’s high-growth record continued as the head of Grand Avenue Media where the company averaged 70% revenue growth during the five years before the Transition to TRIBBUTE.

Kelly Konechny (Co-Founder, Principal)

Kelly joined TRIBBUTE from Winnipeg when Contatti, the digital marketing company he started in 2013, merged with Grand Avenue Media. Before Contatti, Kelly held a number of positions at search marketing firm Vantage Media based in Los Angeles. Utilizing over 20 years of experience in traditional and digital marketing, Kelly launched a number of successful products and channels at Vantage Media. In 2013 Contatti was established to localize what Kelly had been doing internationally and offer digital media and marketing services from Winnipeg. Contatti grew quickly locally before the transition to TRIBBUTE where local, national, and international clients are still maintained from Winnipeg.


Our team has hands-on, practical experience in a wide variety of business categories. We’ve helped countless partners increase their acquisition volume efficiency in almost every meaningful B2B and B2C category including:

E-Commerce: Deep TRIBBUTE experience driving large revenue and margin increases for our clients is highlighted by our unique BI products and custom client integrations along with a track record of high-performing Google Shopping campaigns.

Real Estate & Mortgage: The real estate marketplace including mortgage, home search, agent/broker marketing, and acquisition support a category Tribbute is continually expanding and developing custom products to assist our clients in all varieties of real estate-related businesses.

Financial Services: Home, auto, health, and life insurance, consumer loan, structured settlement, and consumer credit services are just a few of the segments where TRIBBUTE has assisted clients to grow acquisition online.

Education: TRIBBUTE staff members have directly presided over tens of millions of dollars worth of education marketing investments. These initiatives resulted in hundreds of thousands of qualified student/enrollment leads.  The trends, tendencies, and overall behavior of education lead markets are an area where TRIBBUTE’s media management and optimization are extensive with an unmatched focus on bottom-line results.

In addition to the categories above, TRIBBUTE will bring a track record of success to your SaaS, automotive, logistics, and consumer/business services brands and products!


TRIBBUTE understands that every partner we engage with has unique needs. We pride ourselves on being curious enough to learn about your unique business opportunities and challenges. So while each engagement involves its own tactical approach, the process always begins with a deep dive that puts an active-listening requirement on our team.

Once we’ve heard and understood your story, we work with you to identify measurable goals and outcomes that, when achieved, will produce an uplifting, positive chapter in the story.  

The next step is making sure we have all the business intelligence and resources in place to honestly assess the outcomes our engagement will produce. If it’s a one-time project based on closing gaps in your marketing practice or an ongoing initiative with ever-increasing financial targets, TRIBBUTE makes sure that the lens you use to view our effectiveness is crystal clear. This could be a quick analytics tune-up, a sophisticated, custom data structure implementation, or an automated marketing tactics application.

Once all the business and data foundations are in place, we work with you to make the media and user experience investments we’ve identified as crucial to your success.  With custom digital acquisition dashboards and results analysis set to any cadence you desire, we assess the progress together and optimize until all our shared goals are met!


At Tribbute, we love what we do. We’re excited to be involved in an important business that’s changing rapidly. Solving interesting problems and helping people achieve their goals is a great way to make a living and rarely qualifies as “work”, especially when our efforts are aligned with a couple of basic beliefs:

Reliance on the scientific method.

The philosophy and practice of science are not just for executing successful experiments. TRIBBUTE works to employ a scientific approach to every fitting macro and microelement within our engagements.  We strive to be transparent and trustworthy, but rather than just saying “we value honesty, so trust us”, we follow the methods science provides to help us present accurate facts about what is achievable and our performance relative to that opportunity.

Community is critical.

Every member of the TRIBBUTE team is committed to being a positive contributor to the business and personal groups we engage with. TRIBBUTE software and automation products are designed to provide outsized value to customers. Our business partnerships are individually structured to ensure value is created and distributed in alignment with everyone’s investment. TRIBBUTE strives to interact with our partners in a way that brings confidence, comfort, and human value as well as positive, science-based findings and results.

Zero-sum thinking and corner-cutting can lead to a kind of success, but the greatest victories occur when our clients, their customers, and TRIBBUTE all win. We actively pursue partners that share these values. This way, our combined effort will be a literal force for good and everyone gets to have fun!